Friday, 29 June 2012

Slugshead revisited

Visits to garden centre: 1 (unscheduled)
Plants purchased: 0.  (Resolve of steel)
Hours spent gardening: 1
Slugs and snails killed: 10
Garden magazines purchased: Gardener's World (ex subscriber)

 I woke up this morning to find that this slug was coasting right across my terrace in the open.

 Audacious or what?

He was killed under tragic circumstances, his body burst by the force of osmosis from a hail of salt.  May we not remember him; nor shall we mourn his passing.

Advantage: Gardener.

I forgot to share any details of the plants I bought on Monday, so  here is Alpine Dianthus 'Brilliant Star.' (Le Photographe is on kitchen duty again I'm afraid).

Style notes: mini strap foliage contrasts with flowers in chocolate and brown akin to a monochrome effect.  A crisp, clean look for a plant that means business.  Commands respect whilst maintaining femininity with scalloped edged petals.

The other plant was was a curry plant.  I was seduced by the pungent, velvety foliage. It smells more like the spices that stain the fingers of the cook and linger long after the curry has been eaten.

I think this plant will be slug resistant.  According to Gardener's World, slugs like beer but not lager.  As you need curry to go with lager then I don't think they'll like this plant.  I had been putting lager in my slug traps instead of beer, so now I know why they don't work. 

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