Monday, 25 June 2012

My Garden

Weather: warm and sunny.  Tabloids now threaten terrible heatwave will engulf Wimbledon
Slugs and snails culled: 4
Methods: salt, speared
Advantage slugs: holes in hosta Frances Williams and Pelargoniums
Visits to garden centre: 1
Garden magazines: 1 (RHS The Garden, subscriber)

My apologies, I forgot to introduce you to the topic of this blog, the garden.  It's a small courtyard, with a patio that steps up to a raised gravel courtyard surrounded by beds.  There is also a bed hidden at the back which is trying and failing to be a veg patch.  The garden is north facing and overshadowed by next door's sycamore (another Enemy). This season I'm thinking height and trying to get some foliage to cover those fences which are stained 'natural beech' which came out like horticulture's answer to fake tan.

I tried several times to take this photo but the garden is at an awkward angle to photograph.  (Note to Homes and Gardens: bring some special camera lenses when you come).  Also Le Francais is Le Photographe and he was on kitchen duty today.   

I went to Homebase on the way home, allegedly just to buy the varnish for the planter project.  Just to make sure, I repeated "IwillnotbuyplantsIwillnotbuyplantsIwillnotbuyplants" on the way in.  This worked pretty well.  I only bought two plants. 

Needlesss to say I didn't think much of these garden ornaments.

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