Saturday, 14 July 2012


It was not until twilight that there was a gap in the rain.  The lavender fronds lay battered against the stones.   A pool of slugs congealed in the wet mingling with fallen petals from the rose, the air thick with the smell of moss.  Deadheading the few plants that had dared to flower in this monsoon of a summer, I saw the advance of weeds, the agapanthus that fail to bloom.  Above my head, a robin ventured out, singing from the top of the sycamore until the clouds gathered over again...

Hours spent gardening: 0.2
Slugs killed: 10.  Tiny newly hatched ones like little bits of black bootlace
Visits to garden centre: 0 
Rain is killing the will to garden.


  1. The flowers on my rose have turned into clumps of grey mush on the ends of branches so wet they are touching the ground. Too depressing.

  2. Most amused by your blog. Your slug rage truly touches a nerve!

  3. It's been raining for days here in Finland. Today we enjoyed Sun for a long time. I was gardening the whole day.

  4. Would love some of your rain... can you box it up and ship it to me?

  5. Claire, I started blogging in 2009 when we had a rainy summer like you are having this year. I called it the "lost garden season," and I think maybe writing about my garden was an attempt to recapture some of the joy that I definitely wasn't getting from gardening. Hang in there; I hope you get better weather soon. -Jean